John B.

"I have been seeing Dr. David Laurino for approximately ten years and have been extremely happy with his team, expertise, services, and the way he treats his patients. I had significant heel pain in both feet and now I am pain free. He always finds a way to get rid of my pain, get me back on my feet and doing the things I love. My custom foot orthotics are awesome. I would strongly recommend Dr. Laurino to any of my friends and family without hesitation."

Kevin O.

I really enjoyed my experience at Modern Foot & Ankle Centers and Dr. Darick Freestone. He really knows his stuff! He made my foot and ankle pain go away that had been there for over six months and limited me from most activities. He also taught me a few new items as well regarding my feet. Thank you for the referral!!! Be safe and be careful!

Judith M.

Everything was great and efficient from the staff to Dr. David Laurino. Everybody was kind, helpful, and a complete pleasure to work with. Dr. Laurino is by far, the best foot doctor I've seen to date and I've seen a few in my day. He truly cares about his patients!!! Thank you for getting rid of my big bad bunions. I’m looking forward to a life with no foot pain. I appreciate you doing such a phenomenal job! I really had no pain with the procedure and am now 2 months post op and able to wear my fancy shoes again. His passion for what he does is shown in his work, always going above and beyond. I really cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. Truly an outstanding individual and an even better doctor. Thank you for everything you've done for me!!"